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About The Project is a digital humanities resource for the study of runaway slaves in Connecticut, conceived and executed by a Digital Humanities class at Wesleyan University. The site provides free access to a searchable database of runaway slave ads published in the Connecticut Courant, accompanied by scholarly content providing context and insight into slavery-era Connecticut. also provides interactive features for an enriched and engaging user experience, including a maps feature for geographic visualization of data on runaways. The project is intended for use in independent research and as an educational resource to be used by Connecticut area educators in US History classes and the like. We would like to emphasize that this site is a project and ongoing experiment; the site’s content is limited to runaway ads from the Connecticut Courant simply because a more extensive survey of Connecticut newspapers would not have been possible within the given timeframe of the project.

We would be grateful for your questions or comments.


Twitter: @WesRunawayCT

This site was submitted as the final project for COL370 / HIST211 - Digital History (Spring 2014).