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Accessibility and Use

Accessibility: is committed to providing an experience that is fully accessible to everyone. While working within the framework and scale of an undergraduate digital humanities class project, we have made efforts to ensure that all pages comply with web accessibility guidelines.

Standards: has been built following broader web coding standards (for HTML, CSS, and Omeka) that ensure compatibility with as wide a range of browsers and assistive technologies as possible. While designing our interface, we’ve aimed to comply with the following Web accessibility standards and laws:

Testing: Before the final stage of launching our site on May 15 2014, we checked accessibility using a range of automated and manual checks. For instance, colors used throughout the interface have been assessed and tested according to the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) standards for luminosity contrast, color difference, and brightness difference. Also, we tested the interface for screen reader accessibility using JAWS with Internet Explorer during implementation. Other tools used to test accessibility include:

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