Runaway Connecticut

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Project Manager: Joseph Yannielli

Content Team: John Bowden, Andrés Fernandez, Jason Griffiths, Asher Lipsett

CMS Team: Trisha Batchoo, Aaron Rosen, Austin Tamaddon

Outreach Team: Anika Amin, Dex Blumenthal, Julian Gilson, Nicki Softness

Accessibility Officer: Susan Van Ness

Additional material was provided by students in HI 10 ("Origins of the Modern World") at Fairfield University.

The team is grateful to the following individuals and organizations for their generous contributions to the realization of this site:

Readex Publishing Company

Wesleyan University and Wesleyan University IT Services

Armani White of the Wesleyan University Ankh

Connecticut History Review

Professor Joseph Yannielli

Thanks also to UCONN MAGIC for providing historical maps of Connecticut.

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