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a Mollato fellow

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Run away from his Master Isaac Day of Colchester, in the County of Hartford, and Colony of Connecticut in New England, a Mollato fellow about eighteen Years old, middling stature, brown complection, strait course black hair, a scar on the inside of…
Location: Colchester, CT


Runaway from the subscriber, on the 29th of May last, a negro man named Sye, about 5 feet 11 inches high, blind with his right eye; had on when he went away, a striped linen shirt, linsey-woolsey trowsers, an old felt hat; he carried with him two…
Location: Colchester, CT


Ten Dollars Reward! RAN way from the Subscriber, a Negro man named SIP; about 25 years of age --- 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, slender built, drops his under lip, has a heavy loping walk, dances and runs very spry; had on and carried with him a round…
Location: Colchester, CT

RUN from the subscriber last winter, a negro fellow named SIPEO, belonging to the estate of Nathan Chapman, now delirious. Said negro is about 18 years old, about 5 feet 8 inches high, wore or carried off a pair of old woollen shirts, one pair…
Location: Colchester, CT

Alexander McCoy

RAN away from the subscriber in Colchester, on the 2d inst. an apprentice boy about 18 years of age, named ALEXANDER MCCOY; had on when he went away, a short brown jacket, and striped tow-cloth trowsers. Whoever will return said boy to me, the…
Location: Colchester, CT

Ambrose Burgad
Ran away from the subscriber on the 9th inst. a Molatto boy, in the thirteenth year of his age, named Ambrose Burgad, had on when went away blue coat, a light brown coat and jacket, striped trousers, grey stockings, and a new flet hat. Whoever will…
Location: Colchester, CT

Amos Jones

RUN-away from the subscriber the 11th instant, an apprentice boy named Amos Jones, 19 years of age, about a midling size, red hair; had on when he went away, a dark brown coat and vest, light brown breeches and new felt hat. - Whoever will take up…
Location: Colchester, CT

William Huntly

Rogers - 11-22-1792.gif
RUN away from the subscriber on the 3rd instant, an apprentice boy named William Huntly, in the 20th year of his age, stout built, about five feet ten inches high, something of a down look, but a little talkative, and his behaviour: had on…
Location: Colchester, CT

Ishmael Russel

Kilborn - 05-09-1793.gif
RUNAWAY from the subscriber on the evening of the 27th of April last, a negro man servant, named Ishmael, and calls himself Ishmael Russel, twenty years old, about five feet and eight inches high, short hair, of a yellow tawny complexion, is a little…
Location: Colchester, CT

James B. Armitstead

RUN-away from the subscriber on the 15th inst. an apprentice boy, named, James B. Armitstead, 15 years of age, wore away a light grey coat and trowsers. Whoevever will take up said run-away and return him to me shall have Three Dollars reward and…
Location: Colchester, CT