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John Smith

DESERTED on the Month of January last, from on board the Sloop Olive, Joseph Edgerton Commander, John Smith, European Born, about five feet ten inches high, dark Complexion, much pitted with the Small Pox. Whoever shall apprehend and return the said…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: New London, CT

Ishmael Mux

Run-away from the Subscriber, about a Month ago, a Mellatto Man-Servant, named Ishmael Mux, about 28 years old, white Complexion of a middle Stature, broad Shoulder'd, and very round back and stoops much as he walks; wears his own Hair, and can Read…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: New London, CT

Ezekiel Butler

This day run away from Thomas Willson, a 'Prentice Boy, named Ezekiel Butler- Any person that will bring the said Butler to his Master shall be rewarded according to his Pains. He had on when he Runaway, a red great coat, and a red jacket, light…
Newspaper: Middlesex Gazette
Location: New London, CT


New London, 23 July, 1761. Ran-away on Tuesday Morning the 21st Instant, a Negro Man called Jorden, about 21 Years of Age, born at Lyme, in Connecticut, about 5 Feet 9 Inches high, a well built Fellow and remarkably Strong, good at all Manner of…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: New London, CT


RAN away from his Master, (Nathaniel Bishop, of Norwich,) on the 22nd of this Instant, a Negro Man Servant, named TOM, about 30 Years old, about Six Feet high, well set, he speaks broken English, has a hole through each Ear. Had on when he went away,…
Location: New London, CT


RAN-AWAY from his Master, John Miller of New London, on the 2nd Inst, a Negro Man named PRIMUS, about 23 Years of Age, of a middling Stature, has a defect in his left Wrist; had on when we went away, a white Kersey Jacket with Leather Buttons, a…
Location: New London, CT


October 18th, 1764. RAN-AWAY on Sunday Night last, a Negro Man, named JUBA, about five Feet and an half high, about 21 Years old, speaks good English; had on when he went away, a Blue Jacket, a pair of Oznabrigs Trowsers, and is imagined to be gone…
Location: New London, CT

Anna Mosher

New-London, August 19, 1765.
Whereas Anna Mosher, my Wife has lately (without any just Cause) wilfully absented herself and eloped from my Bed and Board - THESE are therefore to forbid any Person harbouring or entertaining her - And I hereby…
Location: New London, CT


New London, May 16, 1768. Stolen or Run-away from the subscriber, on the 14th Instant, a Negro Woman named SOBINER, between 30 and 40 Years of Age, of a slender Body, and middling Stature, talks good English, and can read well; carried off with her…
Location: New London, CT

Ebenezer Moses

November 27, 1772.png
Runaway from me the subscriber, October the 25th day, Ebenezer Moses, about 20 years of age, his stature about 5 feet 3 inches high, round favor'd, thick set, with brown hair. Wore away a felt hat, butternut jacket, blue and white waistcoat, two…
Location: New London, CT