Runaway Connecticut

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Stonington, May 18, 1760. RAN away from his master ROBERT STANTON, of Stonington, a negroe man, named Caesar, about 25 years old, a short thick set fellow, with a large leg, speaks good English, and lisps a little, had on when he went away a lightish…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: Stonington, CT

Negro Man

Twenty Pounds Reward. Stonington, August 31th, 1763. YESTERDAY, made his Escape from David Frink, Sheriff's Deputy, for the County of New-London, a Negro Man Servant, belonging to Joseph Miner, 2d. of said Stonington, which said Negro was apprehended…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: Stonington, CT


RUN-AWAY from Lieut. Israel Hewit, of Stonington, on the 11th Instant, a Negro Girl, named Lucy, about 15 Years old, pretty large of her Age, and well Set; had on a streaked Linnen Gown, and a brown Quilt, and carried with her a dark Wrapper, and a…
Location: Stonington, CT


TEN DOLLARS REWARD. RUNAWAY, the 12th July, 1784, a molatto WENCH, about 29 years old; named BET, a short thick set fat wench, very talkative, and handy about house-work and cookery, has a large scar over her temple extending up under the hair of the…
Location: Stonington, CT

Sylvia Leray

Whereas my wife Sylvia hath eloped from my bed and board, and gone off with one Lyman Bevans, a leather-shoe-maker - these are therefore to forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, for I will not pay any debt of her contracting.…
Location: Stonington, CT


Chesebrough - 11-22-1792.gif
RUN away, a negro man belonging to the subscriber, named MINGO, about five feet six inches high, middling well set, speaks good English. All persons are forbid to harbour or entertain him; and whoever will return him to me shall have Two Cents…
Location: Stonington, CT


RAN away from the subscriber on the night of the 25th inst. a Negro girl named CHLOE, about 18 years of age; is large of her age and very black. She carried away with her, one purple and white strip'd calico gown, purple and white shawl, a pair of…
Location: Stonington, CT

Soviah Miller

Whereas my wife Soviah, has eloped from my bed and board and I am apprehensive she will run me in debt. - These are therefore to forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debt of her contracting after this date.…
Location: Stonington, CT