Runaway Connecticut

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Stonington, May 18, 1760. RAN away from his master ROBERT STANTON, of Stonington, a negroe man, named Caesar, about 25 years old, a short thick set fellow, with a large leg, speaks good English, and lisps a little, had on when he went away a lightish…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: Stonington, CT

Thomas Still

DESERTED his Majesty's Service, on the 29th Ult. THOMAS STILL, alias SAMUEL HINES, of my Company, in Col. Fitch's Regiment; he is about 25 Years of Age, 5 Feet 8 Inches high, of a slim Make, small Face, small dull Eyes, and black strait Hair; he had…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: Norwich, CT

Joseph Blinn and Edward Price

Middletown, June 5, 1760. DESERTED his Majesty's Service, from the Company under my Command, in Gen. Lyman's Regiment, a Soldier, named Joseph Blinn, about 35 Years of Age, 5 Feet 10 Inches high, round shoulder'd, thin visag'd, sandy complexion, he…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: Middletown, CT