Runaway Connecticut

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October 27, 1759.png
New-York, August 20, 1759. RUN-A-WAY from Dennis Hicks, of Philipsbourg, in Westchester county, and province of New-York, a molatto man, named Bill, aged about 20 Years. Had on, a brown camblet waistcoat, without sleeves, and one camblet ditto, lined…
Location: Phillipsburg, NY


October 17, 1761.png
RUNAWAY on Monday the 14th Instant September, from Gale Yelverton of Poughkeepse, In Duchess-County, a Negro Man, named Prince, 30 Years old, about 5 Feet 5 Inches high a well built Fellow; had on when he went away, a brown Jacket, tore a little down…
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY


October 31, 1761.png
Run away on the 5th instant, from John Llyod of Stanford, in the Colony of Connecticut, a negro man servant, named Cyrus, about 5 feet 9 inches high, well built but rather slim waisted, legs, and feet somewhat large, has lost one of more of his teeth…
Location: Stamford, CT

Caesar Sambo
Notice: is hereby given, that there is now in Litchfield Goal, a Molatta Fellow, who calls himself Caesar Sambo, about 5 feet 10 Inches high, speaks good English, well made, and sprightly, and is about 25 years old : he says he is free, and that he…
Location: Greenwich, RI


November 14, 1761.png
R RUN-away from the Subscriber's Dwelling-House, in Kent, in Litchfield County, on the 27th of October last, his Negro Man TRACE, about 25 Years old, a well set Fellow, middling for stature, speaks good English, plays on a Fiddle, one of which he…
Location: Kent, CT


Newport, RI.png
Newport, (Rhode-Island) October 20, 1761. RUNAWAY on the 15th of this instant from Adam Hunter; of Newport, Rhode-Island, a negro man named Robert, about five feet nine inches high, well built and very square shoulder'd has a scar or mark something…
Location: Newport, RI


December 05, 1761.png
RUNaway from the subscriber in Wallingford, on the 28th of November. A negro man-servant named Jack at middling stature is marked with the Small-pox, speaks good english, had on when he ran away, a red duffel coat, a blue jacket without sleeves,…
Location: Wallingford, CT


April 10, 1762.png
RUN away from the Subscriber on the 18th Instant, an Indian Boy, named Tom, about 15 Years old, small of his Age; had on when he went away, a Homespun Jacket, with small Cuff's, and an under stripped ditto, leather Breeches, an old Pelt Hat, blue…
Location: Derby, CT


RAN away from his Master, (Nathaniel Bishop, of Norwich,) on the 22nd of this Instant, a Negro Man Servant, named TOM, about 30 Years old, about Six Feet high, well set, he speaks broken English, has a hole through each Ear. Had on when he went away,…
Location: New London, CT


RUN AWAY from Moses Cooper of Gloucester, in the county of Providence, on the 2nd of October, in the Evening, a Negro Man, named Jack, about 26 Years of Age, of a small Stature, is of the Pawpaw Tribe, his Teeth filed sharp, has a Scar on the right…
Location: Gloucester, RI