Runaway Connecticut

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RAN-AWAY from his Master John Perkins, of Norwich, on the 27th of August Inst a Negro Man Servant named Nero, about 20 Years old; a well looking Fellow, of middling Stature; had a small Scar over one Eye, and some Scars on the back of one Hand;…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: Norwich, CT

John Smith

DESERTED on the Month of January last, from on board the Sloop Olive, Joseph Edgerton Commander, John Smith, European Born, about five feet ten inches high, dark Complexion, much pitted with the Small Pox. Whoever shall apprehend and return the said…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: New London, CT


Stonington, May 18, 1760. RAN away from his master ROBERT STANTON, of Stonington, a negroe man, named Caesar, about 25 years old, a short thick set fellow, with a large leg, speaks good English, and lisps a little, had on when he went away a lightish…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: Stonington, CT

Thomas Still

DESERTED his Majesty's Service, on the 29th Ult. THOMAS STILL, alias SAMUEL HINES, of my Company, in Col. Fitch's Regiment; he is about 25 Years of Age, 5 Feet 8 Inches high, of a slim Make, small Face, small dull Eyes, and black strait Hair; he had…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: Norwich, CT

Joseph Blinn and Edward Price

Middletown, June 5, 1760. DESERTED his Majesty's Service, from the Company under my Command, in Gen. Lyman's Regiment, a Soldier, named Joseph Blinn, about 35 Years of Age, 5 Feet 10 Inches high, round shoulder'd, thin visag'd, sandy complexion, he…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: Middletown, CT


Springfield, August 14, 1760. RAN-AWAY from his Master Jacob White of Springfield, on Wednesday the eigth Instant, a Negro Man Servant named Caesor, about 18 Years old, speaks good English, had on when he went away a blue broad cloath Coat, a blue…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: Springfield, MA

Ishmael Mux

Run-away from the Subscriber, about a Month ago, a Mellatto Man-Servant, named Ishmael Mux, about 28 years old, white Complexion of a middle Stature, broad Shoulder'd, and very round back and stoops much as he walks; wears his own Hair, and can Read…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: New London, CT

Tony and Tully

New-London Summary June 26, 1761.png
RANAWAY on the 10th of June, (at Night) from David Cooke of Wallingford, a Molatto Man servant, named TONY, about 26 Years old, middling statute, speaks good English, one sore leg, and is bigger than the other. He had on when he went away a light…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: Wallingford, CT


New London, 23 July, 1761. Ran-away on Tuesday Morning the 21st Instant, a Negro Man called Jorden, about 21 Years of Age, born at Lyme, in Connecticut, about 5 Feet 9 Inches high, a well built Fellow and remarkably Strong, good at all Manner of…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: New London, CT

Negro Man Slave

Ran-away from the Subscriber, a Negro Man Slave, about Five Feet Six Inches high, something mark'd with the Small-pox, about 20 Years old: Had on when he went away, a light blue mixed Coat, brown cloth Breeches. Said Negro speaks good English, had…
Newspaper: New-London Summary
Location: Norwich, CT