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Frank Brooks

ONE CENT REWARD - Runaway from the subscriber. June 7th, an indentured apprentice, named FRANK BROOKS. He is about 18 years of age, small of his age. All persons are cautioned against harboring or trusting said boy, as by so doing will be held…
Location: Glastonbury, CT

John E. Duy

Having gone to Wallingford, Conn, on two weeks leave to visit his parents, (named Elder,) and wilfully absenting himself since the 1st of september, 1855, John E. Duy, an indentured apprentice; about 17 years old and 5 ft. 8 in. high, dark hair and…
Location: Wallingford, CT

David Brown

ONE CENT REWARD - Walked (being too lazy to runaway) from the subscriber, on the 6th of March, David Brown, an indented apprentice to the farming business, aged 15 years. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting him on my account, under penalty…
Location: Glastonbury, CT

Maria Peterson

NOTICE - Ran away from the subscriber on the night of the 28th ult., MARIA PETERSON, a colored indented girl, aged 17 years. This is to forbid all persons harboring, trusting or employing her, on penalty of the law. SYLVESTER LUSK. Enfield, Aug. 6,…
Location: Enfield, CT

Jacob Grant

March 30, 1839.png
ONE DOLLAR REWARD. RUNAWAY from the subscriber on the 22d ult., JACOB GRANT, an indented colored boy; 17 years of age, round face, bright prominent eyes, thick set, about 5 feet and 4 inches high, moderate spoken, carried and wore away drab box coat,…
Location: Glastenbury, CT

James Metland

From the subscriber on the 15th inst. an indented apprentice boy, named James Metland; he is 18 years old, has black eyes, and wore away a roundabout coat and a fur cap. Whoever will return said boy shall receive one cent reward and no charges paid.…
Location: Warehouse Point

John Boyce

INFORMATION WANTED. ESCAPED from the Connecticut Retreat, in Hartford, on Tuesday, May 4th, a man by the name of JOHN BOYCE, from Richmond, Virginia. Said Man is small in stature, thin visage, and light complexion. He wore away a blue sattinett frock…
Location: Hartford, CT

George Stacy

Columbian Register February 18, 1837.png
RANAWAY from the subscriber, on the 31st day of January, an indented Boy, by the name of George Stacy, aged between 10 and 11 years. Fifty cents reward will be paid for his return, but no charges paid. All persons are forbid harboring, or trusting…
Newspaper: Columbian Register
Location: Cheshire, CT

Samuel Clark

INFORMATION WANTED. Escaped from the Connecticut Retreat for the Insane, on Sunday, the 10th instant, a Man by the name of SAMUEL CLARK, in a state of mental derangement. He wore away a Dark Brown Coat, Mixed Pantaloons, and a Drab Hat. Any…
Location: Hartford, CT

Emily Munsell

RAN AWAY, FROM the subscriber, on the 7th of March instant, an indented Girl, by the name of Emily Munsell. This is to forbid all persons harnboring, trusting, or employing said Girl, on penalty of the law. EDGAR BISSELL. East-Windsor, March 14,…
Location: East Windsor, CT