Runaway Connecticut

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John Hawley and John Fitzgerald

DESERTED from my company, in Col. Burrell's regiment, at Albany, on the evening of the 31st of March ult. two Irishmen, John Hawley and John Fitzgerald, both of them considerable of their native brogue, they are each about five feet and half high;…
Location: Albany, NY

Thomas Feaks

Deserted from Capt. John Bigelow's company of artillery, Thomas Feaks, an Irishman, about 45 years of age, five feet nine inches high, somewhat pitted with the small pox, and red short hair; lately complains of an ailment in his throat. Whoever…
Location: Albany, NY


TEN DOLLARS REWARD, RUN away from the subscriber, on the 9th instant, a Negro man named BILL, about 6 feet 9 inches high, well built, about 26 years of age, talks good English, had on when he went away a white Shirt, white Jacket and Breeches, and…
Location: Albany, NY


75 Dollars Reward.
Stop Thief and Runaway!

RAN away the 21st of August instant, a stout, well made Negro Man, named Dick; aged about 22 years, nearly six feet high; remarkably active, straight and well shaped; speaks the English language very…
Location: Albany, NY

York and Rup

RAN away from the subscriber on Whit-Sunday, two NEGRO MEN SLAVES, named YORK and RUP; both aged about 32 years. York is about five feet nine inches high, very black, pock marked, ugly, crooked fellow; he has a small impediment in…
Location: Albany, NY

Dine and Jim

Pittsfield Sun ; or, Republican Monitor. (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) • 06-06-1807 - Dine (wench).gif
RUN away from the subscriber on the 16th inst. a Negro Wench named DINE, about thirty-five years of age, of middling size, strong and healthy; wore, when she went off, a blue striped woollen short gown, blue linsey petticoat, and…
Newspaper: Pittsfield Sun
Location: Albany, NY

Isaac Evens

Run away from the subscriber, on the night of the 20th inst, April, a young man named Isaac Evensm about 20 years of age; said runaway had on a lead coloured double breasted jacket, a pair of new leather breeches; he is of a swarthy complexion, had…


Run away from me the subscriber, a negro man, named TOM, a little on the molatto colour, aged 19 years, speaks good English and low Dutch, has a blemish in one eye. Had on when he went away, a light blue coat, white Philadelphia buttons, and best of…
Location: Amenia, NY

Joanna Hebbard

Amenia, in Dutches-County, in the Province of New-York, December 4th, 1765. WHEREAS my Wife Joanna Hebbard, hath for some time past Eloped from me, and gone into some Parts of the Colony of Connecticut; These are therefore to warn and forbid all…
Location: Amenia, NY

Mary Bicknell

RAN away from the subscriber, on the 21st of May, 1824, Mary Bicknell, an indented girl, aged 16 y ears: This is to forbid all persons harboring or trusting said Mary on penalty of the law. Whnoever will return said Mary shall be entitled to one cent…
Location: Ashford, CT