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RUN-AWAY from the subscriber, on the night after the 3d day of instant January, a Negro Woman named DELIGHT, about twenty one years old, born in the country, rather short and thick sett, and not of the blackest kind; she carried with her a green…
Location: Hartford, CT

Silvanus Merit

ONE CENT REWARD. RAN away from the subscriber on the 28th of April, an indented apprentice boy by the name of SILVANUS MERIT; had on when he went away, a light coloured coating great coat, coates, and trowsers, striped vest, and brown felt hat; light…
Location: Hartford, CT

Bildad Williams

RAN away from the Subscriber in Mansfield, on the 20th inst. Bildad Williams, seventeen years old, well built, walks stooping; wore away a blue long coat, swansdown vest, blue trowsers, and a poor felt hat. This is to forbid all persons, or masters…
Location: Mansfield, CT

Theodore Seymour

RUN away from the subscriber, Theodore Seymour, an indented apprentice, had on a short blue jacket, a pair pantaloon overalls, five feet eight inches high, round shoulder'd, and with an evil eye, and an Indian lope. Whoever will take up said runaway…
Location: Hartford, CT


RAN away from the subscriber on the 30th January last, an indented negro boy named Suart, about nineteen years of age, wore away with him a short blue coat and a dark brown pair of overalls. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting him on penalty…
Location: Berlin, CT

Orrin Waterman Johnson

Run away from the subscriber on the 14th inst an indented apprentice to the coopering business, by the name of Orrin Waterman Johnson, about 5 feet six inches high 19 years of age, of a sandy complexion, with a scar over his right eye occasioned by…
Location: Torrington, CT


RUN away from the subscriber on Wednesday, the 27th of January, 1808, a Negro SERVANT by the name Juba, about 19 years of age, 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, very black, slim built; had on when he went away a grey homemade sailors coat in overhauls and…
Location: Granby, CT

Ames Abbey

Run-away from the subscriber on the 18th July, a servant boy named Ames abbey, about 17 years of age; took with him sundry articles of clothing, not his own; has lost several of his for teeth by the kick of a horse. Whoever will return said boy to…
Location: Windsor, CT

William Larkum

RUNAWAY from the subscriber on the night of the 18th inst. an indented apprentice by the name of WILLIAM LARKUM, about 18 years old.---Whoever will apprehend said runaway, shall be entitled to one cent reward, but no charges will be paid.---All…
Location: Hartford, CT

John Johnson

One Cent reward and no Charges paid. RUN away from the subscriber a Negro boy named John Johnson, [18] years old. All persons are hereby forbid harboring or trusting said boy on penalty of the law. JOHN HALL. Hartford, May 2.
Location: Hartford, CT