Runaway Connecticut

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Rebecca Whiting

Whereas Rebecca, the wife of the subscriber, has, for some time past, behaved in a very disorderly Manner, absenting herself from my Bed and Board, and I am apprehensive she may run me in debt - These are therefore, to warn all Persons not to credit…
Location: Hartford, CT

Ann Winchell

Windsor, April 26, 1769. WHEREAS ANN, the Wife of me the subscriber has for some time past behaved herself in a very extraordinary and cruel manner absenting herself from my Bed and Board and I am apprehensive she intends to run me in debt - These…
Location: Windsor, CT

Betty Ned

Whereas Betty Ned, So called, to whom I was once married, hath for several years eloped from my bed and board, and has had children by other men, hath run me in debt, and am informed she intends to do so again. - This is to notify all persons not to…
Location: Hartford, CT

Mary Metcalf

Wheras my perfiduous wife Mary, on the 23rd day of October last, willfully eloped from my bed and board, and I am told is now in the town of Suffield, in the colony of Connecticut, and am apprehensive she may run me in debt. These are therefore to…
Location: East Haddam, CT

Elijah Metcalf

Whereas my infamous false husband, Elijah Metcalf, has been pleased to say in your former papers, that I wilfully eloped from his bed, which is altogether false, for with his approbation I came from home, which I can prove by Capt. Pratt and Wife, of…
Location: Suffield, CT

Nancy Savage

Whereas Nancy the wife of the subscriber, has eloped from my bed and board, and has run me in debt, and I am apprehensave she will further involve me - These are therefore to warn all persons not to trade with, or trust her on any expectation of my…
Location: Blanford, MA

Mary Alvord

Whereas I the subscriber have removed from East Haddam to Winchester, and my wife Mary utterly refusing to remove to my bed and board, by which refusal she hath forfeited the privileges of a wife - These therefore are to forbid all persons trading…
Location: East Haddam, CT

Mary Pettibone

I am so unhappy in my last marriage as to inform the public that my wife Mary has privately run me in debt at many places, and has absented herself from my bed and board, and carried off with her all she bro't with her, and thirty pounds or upwards…
Location: Goshen, CT

Ruth Higgins

On the 4th day of July instant eloped from Jesse Higgins, his wife, by name Ruth Higgins; and thsi is to give public notice to all persons, not only in this government, but in those around it, not to detain or harbour the said Ruth or altow her to…
Location: Chatham, CT

Abigail Butler

These are to give public notice, that I the subscriber do forewarn and forbid all persons from trusing my wife Abigail Butler, any money Goods or Chattles on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debt of her contracting, after the date…
Location: Stafford, CT