Runaway Connecticut

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John Brown, Thomas Martin, Edward Davis, and Mercy Burgy

BROKE out of the county goal in this town last night, a young man of about 20 years of age, well set, short of stature, pretty fair complexion, wears his own hair of a dark colour, calls himself by the name of John Brown, and has been twice crop'd…
Location: Hartford, CT

John Smith, Obadiah Mathers, Jechaniah Holcomb, Jonas Case, John Swaney, and George Tryon

Hartford, January 27, 1772. Broke out of the County Goal in this town, the last evening, one JOHN SMITH, who came into this colony a few years since, supposed from the province of new-York, and has resided chiedly at Suffield, where he married a…
Location: Hartford, CT

John Brown and Isaac Buck

Made their escape from the County Goal in Litchfield on the night of the 25th of January 1772, the following persons, viz. the notorious John Brown, and Isaac Buck. Brown was committed for breaking open the dwelling house of the Rev Mr. Lee of…
Location: Litchfield, CT

Elisha Wadsworth, Abraham Curtis,and John Grant

Take Notice! The 26th Instant, the County Goal in this Place was broke up, and the following Persons made their Escape from it viz. Elisha Wadsworth of Hartford, confined for Debt, he is about 56 Years of Age, about 5 Feet 10 Inches high, wears a Cap…
Location: Hartford, CT

John Brown

BROKE out of the Goal in this Place, the Night after the 14th June Instant, the noted Borglarian John Brown, who was uder Sentence of Death for House breaking, is a short, thick Fellow, 22 Years old, has been twice crop'd and branded. Whosoever will…
Location: Litchfield, CT

George Gordon alias Hamlinton

Run away from the subscriber, a prisoner named George Gordon alias Hamlinton, a Scotchman, about five feet ten inches high short brown hair, long favor'd, a high-forehead, a very long Nose, a remarkable scar across his left check, had on a blue…
Location: Dover, NY

John McLean

Run-away from the Subscriber of Hartford, on the 8th Day of June last, JOHN McLEAN of Windsor, a Prisoner arrested for Debt, and in my Custody. He is a Person of about 32 Years of Age, 5 Feet 6 Inches high. Whoever will apprehend said McLean and…
Location: Hartford, CT

John Parker Robinson

Run away from Northampton, the 30th of April last, a prisoner, named John Parker Robinson, about twenty years of age, very much pitted with the small pox, and about five feet seven inches high: Had on when he went away, a dark black and white mixed…
Location: Northampton, MA

Solomon Bill

Escaped from the goal in this town, the night after the 5th instant, one Solomon Bill, is about 50 years of age, about 6 feet high, wore his own black ahir, something grey, very low in flesh, and has a droll way of speaking; was committed for…
Location: Hartford, CT

John Bath

DESERTED from Capt. Barnard's company in Col. Wyllys's regiment, one John Bath, about 35 years of age, 5 feet 4 inches high, well set, dark hair, had on a light brown waistcoat one skirt torn off, old leather breeches, white linen shirt, and an old…
Location: Hartford, CT